Happy New Year

Our Thanks To You!

For many practice members, 2015 was an eye-opening year for many reasons. Many saw their health improve while other members of their household, neighborhood or office saw their health decline. Many did not get the flu even though they didn’t get the flu shot. Many saw health problems that they suffered with for years fade […]

Happy Holidays

Be Healthy This Holiday

You do know that you should maintain your healthy lifestyle and healthy activities during the holidays. But, that is much easier said than done. After all, haven’t we convinced ourselves that “it’s the holiday season” and that “we’ll go back to our more healthy routines after New Years.” It’s the Holiday Season not the Vacation […]

girl with gift

Holiday Stressed Yet?

The holiday season is often stressful. Many families are cutting back, there are still worries about the economy and job market. Add the stress of the holidays to that mix and there is cause for concern. The American Psychological Association’s 2011 survey found that 22% of Americans report an extreme level of stress. And, surely, […]