Happy Thanksgiving

Tired? – Take 2

As part two of this series, we will explore other lifestyle changes that can positively contribute to your energy levels. You skip breakfast and so your body thinks its starving. This results in a decrease in your metabolism and fatigue as your body goes into conservation mode. Obviously junk food with lots of sugar and/or […]


Tired All The Time?

A number of months ago, we reported on the nerve system association of the third cervical and twelfth thoracic as primary culprits when it comes to fatigue. Both affect the diaphragm which affects your ability to breathe deeply which, in turn, affects your ability to oxygenate your blood and fatigue results (think about what happens […]

drugs make doctors rich

Drugs Make Doctors Rich

Drugs Make Doctors Rich According to a September 30. 2014 New York Times article detailing the financial links of medical doctors and drug makers, there is a huge problem… The expose’ sheds new light on the often murky financial ties between doctors and the drug makers. From August to December 2013, drug companies made 4.4 […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful for Wellness Contest

Win our Thanksgiving Wellness Basket! Rules: Every time you come in for an adjustment and/or massage, use your smart phone to “Check In” on our Facebook page = 1 ticket Comment & Share an existing post, or add a positive Wellness related post to our Facebook page = 2 tickets Write a positive review on […]

Gluten Free

Nerve System Toxicity From Gluten

  Gluten Acts Like A ‘Brain Drug’ The presence of pharmacologically active opioid peptides in wheat creates gluten’s ability to restrict blood flow to the frontal cortex of the brain. Resource: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/do-hidden-opiates-our-food-explain-food-addictions1 ‘Gluten Brain’ Autoimmunity: Research now indicates that in some people wheat adversely affects the gut-brain axis which increases intestinal permeability and leads to […]


Vaccine Scandal Exposed

Someone blew the whistle at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and revealed detailed documents and data demonstrating how the CDC knew the mumps-measles rubella (MMR) vaccine was causing autism. According to the reports, for over 14 years now, the CDC suppressed data showing black children were nearly 4x more likely to develop autism from […]