Can you still get measles if you’ve been vaccinated?

Epidemic Outlook

“Measles Epidemic in California” appeared on CNN.COM recently. News outlets and reporters try and grab your attention by using words like pandemic, epidemic, and outbreak. Remember the Bird Flu pandemic of 2008 or the Swine Flu? What happened to them?

Epidemiologists are researchers who look at the source of diseases and how they move throughout populations. They do this work to help find solutions and answers to stop the spread of diseases. Are you at risk of getting sick? Sure! But the actual risk level is very, very small. So being aware of what is happening in the world is fine, but don’t worry. Invest in choices that add health.

A long look back

In 1918, there was a devastating epidemic of the flu. Millions of lives
(21.5 million according to the CDC) were lost and people were desperate for solutions. One profession had new answer. Chiropractors found their offices flooded by those stricken with the flu and those wanting to avoid getting it. Guess what? It worked. According to historical research, those who were under chiropractic care, the incidence of mortality was vastly lower than the general population. A proper functioning nervous system is vital for a healthy immune system.

Patient Zero

vaccinationCan you get a disease, like measles, if you have been vaccinated? Yes. What? You may have thought you were “safe.” That is one of the great myths of vaccines. In fact, the measles “outbreak” that happened in California recently was started by a fully vaccinated person as reported by Clinical Infectious Diseases journal. Prior to this revelation, there was a bandwagon of experts, medical doctors, researchers, commentators, and laypeople jumping to the conclusion that an unvaccinated person must have started it. But that simply wasn’t the case. In fact, the epidemiologists are reporting that relatively few unvaccinated people are contracting measles compared to the vaccinated population. The exact same findings were the case in 2011 in New Your City with “Measles Mary.” She was a fully vaccinated person who had IgM and IgG antibodies for measles, but still got the disease and transmitted it to others. Why? Researchers are not certain, but upon further analysis, her “waning immunity” was inexplicably linked to the unvaccinated population without reason or explanation. Patient Zero is the person who is the genesis of the outbreak. Over the past 10 years, diseases like diptheria, pertusis, and measles have all had patient zeros in the vaccinated populations. Don’t put your faith in the outside-in approach of medicine as your only line of defense.

The power that made the body, heals the body

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