Proper Nutrition, Good Bacteria, and Aging

Eat to age well

We have all heard the adage, “You are what you eat.” But did you know that the food you eat could speed up or slow down your aging process? Because food and nutrition provide some fundamental keys to health and wellness, appropriate nutrient intake can influence the aging process. As we age, problems like tooth loss, dental pain, and issues with chewing and swallowing can affect what foods we eat. Acid reflux and medications can dramatically impact the desire to eat. Lack of proper nutrition only increases the aging process. Taking steps to eat foods that are nutrient dense and prepared in way that respect the physical state of the individual will help slow down aging.

Good vs. Bad bugs

Inside your digestive tract are billions of bacteria. In a healthy person, they help by breaking down food and fighting off harmful bacteria. Weight gain is not necessarily a result of eating too much food. Tim Spector, a genetic epidemiology professor at King’s College London, ran a test with his 23-year old son. He had his son eat fast food for 10 days and compared the number of bacteria species in his son’s gut. Pre-fast food diet, he had about 3,500 species. Post-fast food diet, he had about 1,300 species and a new type of bacteria became dominant. Eating a diet of processed foods can kill off good bacteria and bring your ability to digest to a halt.

Who Should Eat: Make Peace with your Microbiome

“Within the human body, we have 10 times more inhabitant microorganisms (mostly bacteria) than human cells. Thus, we are now considered a “superorganism”. I have been using the analogy that we are “the Mothership with a lot of passengers on board” for a long time now and these passengers are called your microbiota. And most of these passengers are friendly and quite helpful – but because of dietary and lifestyle choices, there are some parasitic organisms that send our immune system into warfare and this we call inflammation. Most chronic illness is the result of Systemic Inflammation – a chronic, subclinical state of inflammation throughout the body. Where this war begins is in the gut, specifically in the colon. In fact, the colon has been found to have a denser population of bacteria than any other place on the planet!”

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Dr. Mitra RayDr. Mitra Ray received a BS from Cornell University and her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Stanford Medical School. Dr. Ray has been working at the cellular level of health for many years and her research work has been funded by the National Institute for Health, the American Cancer Society and an Alzheimer’s Research Grant. Dr. Ray is recognized worldwide for her seminars on health, longevity and beauty and has received rave reviews not only on her first book entitled From Here to Longevity, as well as her second book Do You Have the Guts to be Beautiful? Dr. Ray resides in the state of WA with her husband and two daughters.

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