These are a few of our favorite wellness resources that can support and enhance the quality of your life. We update these regularly, so please check back to see if there are new resources that meet your needs.

Juice Plus & 

Tower Garden

Creating Wellness

International Chiropractor’s Association

ICA council on Wellness Science

Washington State Chiropractic Association

National Vaccine Information Center

Structural Relief Therapy

Spectrum Center School of Massage

Low Level Laser Therapy

Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

Hay House Publishing

Ionic Detoxifying Footbath

Natural Health News & Blog

Dr. Chestnut

Omega-3 Oil & Probiotics

Dr. Brimhall

Dr. Mitra Ray

China Study Book

Westin A. Price Foundation

Science & Spirituality

Dr. Bruce Lipton


Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet

Oklahaven Children’s Chiropractic Center

Foot Orthotics

Nightingale Conant Personal Achievement

Freedom FastTrack

Mosaic Insurance Alliance

Emotional counseling for Disabilities: