What is stress doing to your health?


Tension is a necessary form of stress. The tension of gravity on our bodies keeps us on the earth. When tension becomes out of balance, stress increases. Researchers from Bournemouth University have concluded a five-year study of dis-tension. Dis-tension is defined as 3 or more months of abnormal emotional stress coupled with at least 3 bio-physiologic changes. The study found that the impacts of dis-tension are reversible.

The number one key to recovery is the person’s attitude about the stress event. So what does this this tell us? It tells us that our outlook can help us overcome difficult trials.


What an odd word. Dysponesis is a reversible physiopathology state with errors in energy expenditure that are capable of producing functional disorders. So what does that mean? It is when you respond to environmental events, emotions, thoughts, and things you feel, in a way that creates a negative response in your nervous system. Dysponesis can be manifested by the presence of sulbuxations and detected by surface EMG. The presence of dysponesis it a key finding for a chiropractor to provide care and address the correction of subluxations.

Frustration Breakers

stressThere is a lot that happens on a physiologic level when we become frustrated. Our oxygen levels diminish, muscles tighten, breathing becomes shallow, and our hormones shift. Our body enters a state of fight or flight. The cycle can tend to propagate itself when stress levels stay high for long periods. But there are things you can do today to help break the cycle. First, work on your breathing to increase oxygen. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your hands on your tummy. Concentrate on breathing deep and low, so that your tummy rises. Slowly increase pressure on your tummy with your hands. Then remove your hands and notice how easy it is to breathe.

The next tip is fun. Remove your shoes and walk or run barefoot in grass. The earth is “grounded”. That is why lightening flows from the sky to the ground. The earth can even help to ground you especially if you work in an office environment with a lot of electronic devices. Five minutes of foot/earth contact can change your day. Lastly, make sure your nervous system is working right. Get checked weekly by your chiropractor to make sure you are free of subluxations. Subluxations zap vital energy from your body and make you day difficult.

The power that made the body, heals the body

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