About Us

Once upon a time, a Massage Therapist and a Chiropractor were introduced via a mutual friend. This mutual friend must have known what she was doing because this was, excuse the cliché, a match made in Heaven. 

Joining forces, we created a very busy and successful Wellness Center, featuring chiropractic, massage & structural therapy, nutrition, and various other wellness modalities. Over the years, we realized our vision was larger than a brick-and-mortar building could hold and chose to sell that Wellness Center in order to take our pursuits to a larger, global audience. 

When we are not coaching or working with our clients and wellness teams, we enjoy travelling, or what we like to call “Adventuring”.  We have twice lectured on international “Wellness at Sea” cruises. We particularly enjoy visiting areas where we can enjoy mountains, trees, and lakes, as well as coastlines and beaches. Truly any place where we can enjoy the majesty of nature.

We are both avid readers and have accumulated quite the home library of books. Stasha enjoys sewing & quilting, while Jeffrey enjoys photography and painting. We are actively building the life of our ever expanding dreams and assist others in creating their own dream lifestyle by teaching new entrepreneurs how to create their own businesses at home.

We currently live a blessed life in the Pacific Northwest with our (sister) French Bulldogs Betty & Mable. 

You can contact us at stasha.jeffrey@gmail.com