As far back as I can remember as a child, I knew I wanted to do something to help people and make a difference in the world. Of course these thoughts were intermingled with dreams of playing professional baseball, walking on the moon as an astronaut, or touring the world as a rock star. The reality of not being very athletic, having physical limitations and a lack of musical talent took me away from Plan B, C & D, and back to Plan A…making a difference in the world one person at a time (or maybe even many people all at once).

Having been in and out of the doctor’s office, hospital, and even medical research centers just seemed a normal part of my childhood. I was constantly on one or more pharmaceutical medications. It was a sad reality that I didn’t know any different. Despite having a variety of health challenges as a child, I managed to play four sports – baseball, soccer, basketball and football. In all of my doctor’s visits, check ups, sports physicals, and hospitalizations, one major condition was never diagnosed: I had a severe scoliosis. At the age of 16, after years of knowing my body was somehow different from my friends’, a family acquaintance questioned whether I might have scoliosis. Visits to medical doctors and orthopedic specialists ensued, and spinal fusion surgery and the implanting of metal rods was recommended. After all my previous hospitalizations and surgeries, this was not a desired option for me.

I knew nothing about chiropractors, except that they did something with the spine. My grandmother, who was an R.N., had “secretly” seen chiropractors for severe headaches. I began chiropractic care at the age of 16. The desired outcome of straightening my spine was never achieved, but what did occur was a profound change in my health. I was no longer the sick kid who was in and out of the doctor’s office. As a result, I began to develop an interest in natural healthcare. In my late teens I began “experimenting” with vitamins and supplements. In retrospect, some of the isolated, fragmented nutrients may have done more harm than good. But, it did set up a lifelong interest in nutritional therapy. I also began attending natural health conventions and workshops on a variety of wellness related topics.

Meanwhile, my career was heading in a direction where I felt stifled and unfulfilled. Based upon my aptitude for math and science, I was at a university majoring in electrical computer engineering and working as an electronic technician in a government aerospace satellite program. In other words, I was NOT fulfilling my Soul Purpose.

Destiny did, however, prevail. One day, I was asked to escort someone who was in acute distress to a chiropractor. My regular chiropractor was closed that day, so we visited an office in an adjacent town. For the first time in my life I observed chiropractic in action. Not as a patient, but, with a new set of eyes. My mind was reeling and my heart was open. For the first time in my life I knew why I was on this earth; To Serve God by Serving Humanity through Chiropractic.