COMMITMENT:  Our commitment is first to each other as a team so that we can better servants to our clients/practice members.  For our clients/practice members, we build relationships by providing the highest level of service and care to the point that we are able to make a positive difference in their lives’ on their wellness journey.

PASSION:  We LOVE what we do!  We work hard to achieve goals and are always improving our level of service excellence.

RESPECT:  We treat ALL people the way we would want to be treated, in order to ensure that the level of care is superior.  To do this, we strive to always be aware and sensitive to the needs and situations of everyone at Market Place Wellness Center – team members/clients/practice members.

ETHICS/INTEGRITY:  We uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all of our relationships.  We trust each other, and our clients/practice members trust us.

QUALITY:  We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed excellence in our service that gives premium value to our clients/practice members.  We use our core principles to facilitate positive experiences and outcomes for every client/practice member encounter.

COMMUNICATION:  We utilize all available means of communication to keep each other and our clients/practice members fully informed.  We are constantly learning and improving our communication skills.

TEAMWORK:  We ALWAYS show support and respect for each other.  As a result, we ALL win.

PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY:  We are all personally accountable for delivering on our commitments to help each other and each individual client/practice member take back and maintain their health.

KNOWLEDGE:  We value each other and our clients/practice members and encourage each individual’s development and empowerment on their wellness journey.  Thus, each of us team members is on an ongoing quest for personal improvement and are constantly striving to increase our knowledge and skills to better serve each other and our clients/practice members.

COMMUNITY:  We are a goal-oriented team that is focused on achieving the highest levels of success in service, results and reputation within our team community, our client/practice member community, and the community(s) within which we all live.

OPTIMAL HEALTH:  We are all committed to leading by example and living what we teach.  Clean diet, regular exercise, hydration, regular chiropractic adjustments, massage, and …excellent self care.

LEADERSHIP:  We are ALL called to lead.  There are so many that need what we offer at Market Place Wellness Center, that we will step into that leadership role and take any opportunity to tell others about the products and services that we offer.