Jeffrey’s Testimonials

rRest Testimonials

I will admit I was skeptical when I heard about rREST. Working with Jeffrey though was fantastic. He immediately helped me feel at ease, and the shifts in my life since beginning rREST are truly life changing. rREST is helping me to achieve the life I know I am destined for. Thank you, Jeffrey!

Rob Y.Park City, UT

Before rREST I felt unproductive in many areas of my life. I let every little thing become an excuse that got in my way. I’m making a huge life change which created lots of anxiety. Jeffrey was so supportive. His methods and guidance were amazing. After several rREST sessions my confidence is greatly improved, and I am excited about my future.

Rebecca D.Lake Stevens, WA

rREST has been the only thing I have been able to do that I have seen MASSIVE changes and breakthroughs with! Jeffrey has helped me realize my potential and smash through limiting beliefs! I am excited for a future I didn’t know was possible!

Ariel S.Kelowna, BC, Canada

Before I met up with Jeffrey, I was reading books and watching videos on healing past traumas that occurred early in my life, all to no avail. Hearing about rREST, I was curious and excited. Jeffrey’s patience and professionalism guided me through the sessions. I immediately felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. The blocks that were holding me back in life were removed, and the past healed. I felt 100% better about myself and could finally move forward toward a happier life. Thank you so much Jeffrey!

Terri W.Granite Falls, WA

My rREST sessions have had a tremendous impact on my life. In a recent session with Jeffrey, he was able to help me determine the root cause for something that I have been working to fix my entire life. With his gentle guidance, I was able to clear emotions connected to it, trust myself fully and move forward with a new outlook.

Viv A.San Francisco, CA

My rREST sessions with Dr. Jeffrey were interesting experiences. It seemed a bit odd, but once I got into it, I felt the connection. My first experience actually brought tears to my eyes. We were definitely touching on some deep hidden feelings I was no longer aware I had. Each session leaves me feeling calmer and more relaxed. I am noticing a difference in how I handle my life’s situations.

Mary H.Snohomish, WA

I have been working with Jeffrey for a short while now. My rREST sessions have 100% made me feel empowered to be in control as far as how I react to different situations in my life. I am able to approach things much more logically instead of emotionally. Man is there ever power in that!!!

Lindsey H.Littleton, CO

I am very thankful for the rREST sessions I have had with Jeffrey. I am excited about the new possibilities that are coming forward in my future after releasing and integrating past hidden events.

Amy J.Charlotte, NC

When I started working with Jeffrey, I was struggling significantly with certain aspects of my life. Using the rREST technique, Jeffrey was able to guide me through changes that took effect almost immediately. By the next day, some of the issues had cleared up and I was able to move forward. I am forever grateful to Jeffrey for assisting me in realizing that I can accomplish things in life I didn’t believe I could.

Kerry S.Austin, TX

I have experienced several sessions of rREST with Dr. Jeffrey Clark. The session began with the explanation of what the rREST process is and what it is supposed to access. Dr. Clark was able to help me discover hidden emotional blocks and helped me overcome and eliminate them. At the end of each session, he walked me through visual imagery of my past and future self to help create new, more positive mental pathways. For years I have felt that I have created layer upon layer of emotional baggage. I did this so I wouldn’t have to be vulnerable. I had created a “fake confidence” so that others would not see the real me, and to keep them from mentally trampling all over me. This had occurred in both my work life and my home life. Following my rREST sessions I can truly feel a shift in my self-confidence. I am mentally and emotionally stronger, and no longer feel the need to present any “fake confidence”. Thank you, Dr. Jeffrey Clark, for helping me through the many traumatic layers of my life.

Tamara K.Lake Stevens, WA

I don’t know why I was so reactive to certain things in my life. When I did rREST with Jeffrey he was able to uncover hidden emotions and clear them for me. I had previously done years of talking therapy with no results. The results with rREST were quick and lasting. Jeffrey’s session was so positive. He allowed me to see what my future could look like. Thank you so much!

Tink K.Redwood City, CA

Reiki Testimonials

Dr. Jeffrey Clark has a strong gift of sending Reiki energy remotely. I have been the receiver of his remote Reiki technique and I highly recommend him. It is a relaxing, calming, non-invasive way to experience Reiki healing.

Kerry S.Texas

As a Reiki client I have received both ‘hands on’ with my massage therapist and distance Reiki with practitioner’s many states away. It is truly fascinating, but I find the distance Reiki more powerful! Perhaps it is because it allows me to focus on receiving healing instead of my brain wandering to things going on in the room, the building and with the people in it. Distance Reiki is my favorite. I love my sessions with Dr. Jeffrey Clark.

Jenn B.Florida

I asked Dr. Clark to do Reiki for my sister while she was in intensive care on a ventilator. I was worried we were going to lose her but after she received the Reiki she turned the corner and her health is again improving. I was so impressed I booked my own Reiki session.

Trisha A.Washington