Virtual Reiki

Dr. Clark Wellness “Virtual Reiki” practice brings the healing power of Reiki to the digital realm, allowing individuals to experience its calming and revitalizing effects from the comfort of their own space. We can connect irrespective of geographical barriers, making healing accessible anytime and anywhere. During a virtual Reiki session, Dr. Jeffrey Clark (Reiki Master) and Stasha (Level II) utilize focused intention and energy work, channeling positive energy to recipients to promote healing, relaxation, balance, and a sense of overall well-being.

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Participants typically find a quiet and comfortable space where they won’t be disturbed, as we guide you through relaxation techniques before beginning the Reiki energy transfer. While our hands are not physically touching you, the recipient, the intention and energy connection remain strong through the virtual platform. Visualizations, guided meditations, and soothing music may often complement the experience, enhancing the serene ambiance of the session. Virtual Reiki practice has gained popularity for its convenience and positive profound effects. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals to find solace, inner harmony, and a revitalizing sense of energy, regardless of physical distance.