Income with Impact

Are you looking for additional Income while working part-time (or full time) from home? Are you looking to have an Impact on others in a positive way? Look no further. Create Income with Impact.

Become an Affiliate on our team

Juice Plus, a prominent player in the health and wellness industry, has introduced a compelling campaign referred to as “Income with Impact.” This initiative embodies their commitment to not only transforming lives through health-conscious products but also creating an avenue for individuals to achieve financial prosperity while making a positive impact on their communities.

The core essence of the “Income with Impact” campaign lies in the synergy of health and entrepreneurship. By joining our team as a Juice Plus partner, individuals embark on a journey where their efforts yield both personal wellness and substantial income potential. This unique approach aligns perfectly with the growing trend of individuals seeking more than just monetary gain – they yearn for meaningful connections and the chance to contribute positively to the lives of others.

Our “Income with Impact” campaign isn’t solely about financial success; it’s about fostering a thriving community of passionate individuals who share a common vision. Through this virtual franchise opportunity, people not only gain access to Juice Plus’s acclaimed health products but also step into a role where they can inspire, educate, and guide others on their wellness journeys. This ripple effect of positive influence not only cultivates healthier lives but also forms a network of empowered entrepreneurs.

In a world where health and financial security are top priorities, Juice Plus’s “Income with Impact” campaign stands as a beacon of promise. It encapsulates the idea that success is no longer limited to individual gain but can be magnified by the transformative power of shared wellness and a supportive community. As individuals seize the opportunity to become health advocates and entrepreneurs, they embody the very essence of “Income with Impact,” shaping their destinies while uplifting the lives of countless others.

Why become an Affiliate with us?
  • The economy is in a state of flus and uncertainty
  • Financial concerns are increasing
  • The GIG economy is growing
  • Home-based business ownership is booming
  • Extra money for bills, car payment, mortgage payments, etc.
  • Extra money for vacations 
  • Extra money for investments
  • Extra money for retirement
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Desire to keep learning/doing/producing
  • Desire to keep working (retired)
  • Become part of a Community
  • Having a “Plan B” isn’t just a nice idea, it’s a total necessity!
  • 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck 
  • 1 out of 3 Americans have only $1000 saved for retirement  

As you advance in the compensation plan you can become eligible for full corporate benefits that rival any Fortune 500 company.

Corporate Benefits Package includes:
  • Full Medical Insurance for you and your family, including:
  • Medical, Dental, Vision & Chiropractic 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Prescription Drug Coverage 
  • Family Tuition Supplement Coverage
  • 20% Monthly Business Bonus
  • $1000 Holiday Bonus

The best part is all of this only costs $52 per year! (And we honestly think it will be the best $52 you ever spend.